My Loves

I have been married to my best friend, Lee, for twelve years and together we have three amazing children Miles, Theo, and Eloise.  Miles is ten years old, but is an old soul and wise well beyond his years. He's an avid reader, a leader, and an extremely talented soccer player. Theo is nine years old and my most passionate child. He loves being the class clown, having lots of friends, and making saves as a soccer goalie. Eloise, four years old, has such an incredible spirit and always up for an adventure (especially to Target!). She enjoys gymnastics, singing, and is the most kind and caring girl I know! These four people are my entire world, and keep me busy when I'm not taking photos or editing! 

More things I love

Food- Two of my biggest passions are cooking and eating (ok, mostly eating).I often plan my travels with local cuisine in mind, and love trying new restaurants right here in Pittsburgh. Some of my favorites are Wild Rosemary, Poulet Bleu, Los Chiludos, Gaucho,  and Arlecchinos. If you need a restaurant recommendation, I’m your girl!  I also love to cook, even though I don’t do it nearly as much as I did before kids. I am Greek and Italian so it’s no surprise that my best dishes are too- pastitsio, meatballs, gnocchi, and spanakopita to name a few. 

Cities- I could wander around a new city, exploring from dusk until dawn.  Rome, Brussels, Montreal, and Charleston, SC are all magical cities and some of my favorites. 

The beach- Give me sun, sand, and clear water and I’m content. All beaches are beautiful to me, but the turquoise waters of the Caribbean are what I’m drawn to most.  My family and I really love going to Aruba and staying on Palm Beach. 

Disney- I never thought I would love Disney as much as I do, but it is my happiest place on Earth! My favorite ride is Expedition Everest, favorite snack is a Dole Whip Float, favorite park is Magic Kingdom, and my favorite hotel is The Grand Floridian.